Saturday, 24 October 2009

New Work from Merete Rasmussen

Red Piece 2009

We have three new pieces from Merete Rasmussen. Red Piece (above), Wall Piece and Blue Piece.

Blue Piece 2009

Wall Piece 2009

A New Direction For John Higgins

John Higgins 2009

After Art in Clay at Hatfield House this year, we were very excited to get some new work from John Higgins. He is still using the matt surfaces, but is working in a looser, more free way. Thrown vessels are loosely painted and then distorted.
John Higgins 2009

The Gallery in October

It has been very busy for us here at Somerset House recently. In September there was London Fashion Week, in October, Origin was sited here. It is now calm before they start to build the ice rink to open in November.

At the Gallery, we are now preparing for Christmas. We will be getting lots of new work to entice everyone with and to encourage some festive shopping for that unique hand made gift. We will be updating the profiles of the makers already featured and continuing to introduce new makers.